International Students

International Students

International Students

ccsinternationalInternational Students, grades 7-11 who are prepared to mainstream into regular classes, are welcome to apply for admission to Community Christian School. This opportunity allows students to study and acquire an American education taught through a Biblical Worldview.  Community Christian School offers college preparatory academics with a well-rounded approach to education including sports, arts and music.  Community Christian School issues I-20 status to students who meet all our general admissions requirements and who will be living with a Christian family during their stay. We have had students attend Community Christian School from Thailand, Brazil, South Korea, China, Germany, Vietnam, Ecuador, Belgium, and France.

Hi I’m Marine! I was an exchange student from Belgium, I graduate from CCS in 2013.  It was the best year ever! As an exchange student I wanted things to be different from home and it was really different. Here’s why I liked it so much. CCS is a big family.  Everyone is welcome no matter where you’re from.  The school is not too big, so you’ll have the chance to know all the students and really make good friends. If you  like sports CCS has a great sports program; volleyball, soccer, and basketball.  I played sports! It was so much fun and it helped me make friends.  CCS also has a lot of fun activities like the play, spirit week, and senior trip.  If you want to have fun every day at school and make your experience unforgettable, don’t hesitate. Choose CCS!

Marine – Belgium

Application Process

  1. Submit $500 Application Fee

  2. Complete and submit Admission Application including English Proficiency Exam, teacher recommendations, and transcripts
  3. An in-person or Skype interview will be set up with the Admissions Team
  4. If accepted, an acceptance letter and admissions forms will be sent to you.   Complete the forms and return with full tuition.  I-20 will then be issued.

What scores does Community Christian School require for English proficiency? 

All international students are mainstreamed. International Students applying to Community Christian School are required to submit scores from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL Jr) or iTEP State  in addition to the other materials gathered in the admission process.  We require a minimum 750 for TOEFL Jr and 4.0 for iTEP State, or 45 for SLEP, though these tests are only a partial indicator of a student’s ability to excel at Community Christian School.  Transcripts, personal essays, teacher recommendations and an in-person or Skype interview are also a part of the application.

For iTEP testing locations check their website at

Our complete application is available by contacting Amy Mitchell at for admission.

INTERNATONAL STUDENT Academic Year Re-enrollment