Community Christian School is an independent, non denominational Christian school serving New Lenox, Joliet, and the surrounding Will County communities.

2014 CCS Graduation

CCS Mission Statement


We believe that God has called parents to train their children in both the content and application of His Word, along with the requisite skills to study His Word themselves and to make their way in the world. We believe that parents should have the opportunity to choose the Christian school as a means to train their children both academically and spiritually. The Christian school can accomplish this by providing high academic standards and Christ like examples in word and deed. Understanding this responsibility to provide parents a God-centered Christian education to their children, we hereby make and adopt the following corporate Bylaws:


Community Christian School is a Christ-centered, Bible-based educational community working in partnership with Christian families and churches to inspire each student to pursue excellence in character, academics and service. The goal of Community Christian School is to provide a Biblically founded education which will prepare students to pursue higher education, and to work and minister in their home, local church, community, nation, and world.